Ubangi Shari

Ubangi Chari Flag

Ubangi-Shari (Oubangi Chari) was a French colony in central Africa.  It was established in 1903, renamed the Central African Republic in 1958 and gained independence in 1960. 

From 1907, stamps of Middle Congo (Moyen Congo) were used. From 1915, these stamps were overprinted Oubangi-Chari-Tchad and in 1922, they were only overprinted Oubangi-Chari.  From 1924, these same stamps were overprinted Afrique Equatoriale Francaise.  As the political situation changed, so did the overprints.  From 1936 French Equatorial Africa issued the same stamps used throughout the area.


Various Scenes Series of 1907 of Middle Congo (Overprinted OUBANGUI-CHARI)

Ubangi-Shari 24 H832

SG # 24

Unused (Hinged)




Various Scenes Series of 1922 (Additionally Overprinted AFRIQUE ÉQUATORIALE FRANCAISE)

Ubangi-Shari 42 H832

SG # 24

Unused (Hinged)



Ubangi-Shari 43 H832

SG # 24

Unused (Hinged)



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