Album G

Welcome to the next step in the progress of The Richter Family Stamp Collection.

Starting on a new album is really exciting especially coming across territories and countries that we did not know even existed. 

Like Album F, Album G is also a Stanley Gibbons Philatelic Collector’s Album with pre-printed images of some of the stamps on the pages.  Sometimes these images are misleading as the actual stamps were placed on incorrect images.  The pages are loosely filed in a binder.  G is a very large album, so it took some time to scan, identify, crop and eventually upload onto our website.  Unfortunately all the stamps are hinged, whether used or unused.  There are also some damaged stamps which we have decided to upload onto the website as well.

There are many new territories in this Album which I will list below:


Austria Postage Due Stamps

Austro-Hungarian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cape Verde Islands

Chinese Provinces

Costa Rica



French Colonies

French Guinea

German East Africa

German Occupation of …

German South West Africa

Greek Occupation of …





Ivory Coast

Kouang Tcheou

Netherlands Indies

Russian Post Offices in …



Your feedback would be most appreciated.


















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