Baby Steps

Open Album of 1st Day Covers

So, it’s been about 2 weeks since the inauguration of our website.

So far it’s been interesting, very hectic, a major learning curve, and a little bit overwhelming…to say the least.

I, Carl have so far, created a basic website, which will still definitely grow and evolve as time goes on.  Through the last 10 days, we have learnt, that the layout of the website may change as the cataloguing system requires changes due to Mint Condition stamps versus Used/Cancelled Stamps versus 1st Day Covers, etc.

I have started teaching my mom, Melise, about keyword research, and article research, and with this, she has started writing a few articles and teachings for the website…non are complete just yet, as she wishes for me to review them.  In addition to this, she has started putting together a little history on the stamp collection, as how, where, when & by whom the stamp collection was started and how it evolved to where this is now (that is going to be a very interesting read).

My dad is just excited about the whole concept, as he has been itching for years to sort and catalogue the stamp collection.  I have shown him how to scan the stamps, so that I can then vectorise the images, afterwhich I can upload them onto the site (this is quite a tedious process), but we have uploaded some really good looking mint condition stamps from Jersey, as well as some mint condition blocks of stamps from South Africa, dating from the 1970’s – 1990’s.  So nothing major, however a step in the right direction, and we all need to start somewhere.

We get side tracked every now and again, by an interesting stamp, which we then go and research further, so as to ascertain rarity and potential value.  I’ve seen quite a few that are real prizes, but I will leave you to follow our story and the growth of our Online Stamp Collection to happily keep the suspense building (as I mentioned, we have stamps from the 1800’s as well as from countries which do not exist anymore).

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