Our Collection

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The Family Richter Stamp Collection

Welcome to The Family Richter’s Stamp Collection

As you may see in the image above, there are many albums, catalogues, folders and even boxes of stamps in our collection, which need to be catalogue.

For ease of purpose, we are not sorting any of the stamps…yet

We are cataloguing the stamps online, with a personal reference number indicating the stamp’s location in our collection.

This means the collection will automatically fall under country & year of issue online, however the collection will still be muddled in it’s storage.

All that being said, this is a work in progress, and may take several years to complete, and as such, please feel free to return at anytime, so as to view our progress.

How to navigate our collection

This was a difficult process in setup, as every time we thought we had this right, we realised there were issues with making this easy for you the user/visitor.

So, below you will find the Alphabet, which will link (Please click on the letter applicable) you to all countries starting with the specified letter.

Again on the letter specified country list, just click on the country you wish to view and this will redirect you.

Should you be looking for a specific stamp, once on the country page, press Ctrl + F, and in the search box type the year of issue of the stamp that you are looking for, then scroll through and find the stamp.

Should you not find what you are looking for, this does not mean that we do not have the relevant stamp.  It just means that we may not yet have found it.

Thus we wish you all the best and enjoyment in sharing our collection with you.

Country Index

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