The Islamic Republic of the Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa.  It is surrounded by Senegal and a has small piece of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.  In 1965, the Gambia gained independence from the United Kingdom.  The economy of the country is based on farming, fishing and tourism.  More than one third of the population live below the breadline.

Cameos Stamp

The first stamps are known as the Cameos from the embossed profile of Queen Victoria.

Early stamps always showed a British monarch, but since independence local leaders or politicians have appeared on the stamps.


Coronation Series

SG # 147

Unused (Hinged)



SG # 148

Unused (Hinged)



SG # 149

Unused (Hinged)




Various Scenes Series Featuring King George VI

SG # 152b

Used (Hinged)




SG # 154

Unused (Hinged)





SG # 154a

Unused (Hinged)





Coronation Queen Elizabeth II Series

SG # 170

Unused (Hinged)





Various Scenes Series featuring Queen Elizabeth II

SG # 171

Unused (Hinged)




SG # 172

Unused (Hinged)




SG # 173

Used (Hinged)




SG # 177

Used (Hinged)




SG # 178

Used (Hinged)





Churchill Commemoration Series


SG # 230

Unused (NH)





Bicentenary of American Independence Series


SG # 349

Used (Hinged)





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