Gwalior Official Stamps

Gwalior Flag 7 Coat of Arms

Today Gwalior is a major city in central India, situated 300km south of the capital Delhi.  Before 1947 Gwalior was a princely state.  It was ruled by the Scindia family until India became independent from the United Kingdom in 1947.  It then merged with several other princely states to become the Indian state of Bharat.

Gwalior and the other convention states (Chamba, Faridkot, Jhind, Nabha and Patiala) used the stamps of British India overprinted with the name of the state, e.g. Gwalior.  Such stamps were issued from 1885 until 1942.  After 1951, the stamps of the Convention States became invalid when they were replaced by the stamps of the independent Republic of India.


Indian Postage Stamp, King Edward VII Series (Overprinted Gwalior in Indian language)

India 1902 Postage Stamp King Edward VII Gwalior Revenue one anna red SG # O32 overprint crown

SG # O32

Used (Hinged)






King George V Series (Overprinted Gwalior in Indian language at top and bottom)


SG # O51

Used (Hinged)






King George VI Series (Overprinted Gwalior in Indian language)


SG # O81

Used (Hinged)





SG # O82

Unused (Hinged)





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