Heligoland is a small German archipelago in the North Sea.  The islands were at one time Danish and later British possessions, but today belong to Germany.  It was a British colony from 1807 until 1890.

While Heligoland was a British possession, about 20 stamps were issued from 1867 to 1890.  From 1875 the postage stamps showed both sterling and gold marks.  There were many reprints of the stamps done between 1875 and 1895 but they have very little value.  Because of the great number of reprints, forgery has been rife with regard to stamps of this archipelago.  Most of the reprints were embossed with a silhouette of Queen Victoria.


Queen Victoria Series

Heligoland 1867 Postage Stamp Queen Victoria ΒΌ Schilling green red SG # 5 http://richterstamps.co.za

SG # 5

Used (damaged)





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