Spanish Sahara

Flag and Coat


Spanish Sahara was the name used for the territory today known as Western Sahara.  It was the name used from 1884 until 1976 when it was occupied and ruled by Spain.  After gaining independence in 1956, Morocco laid claim to this area.  Mauritania also laid claim to this area for a number of years, but dropped all claims in 1979.  In 1975 Morocco occupied most of the area, but for 16 years there has been a guerrilla war.  In 1991, The UN declared a ceasefire, and although Morocco controls the Atlantic coastal area and most of the landmass, no solution has been found. 

From 1924 to 1943 stamps of Spain were used.  From 1950 stamps were inscribed Sahara Espanol and also Sahara Espana.


Colonial Stamp Day Series (Inscribed “DIA DEL SELLO 1956)


SG #128

Unused (Single Hinged)





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