Venezia Giulia

Venezia Giulia is today divided amongst Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.  The area was formerly part of Italy.  During the Allied occupation, stamps were issued in 3 different groups:

  • Yugoslav Occupation Provisional Issues for Trieste, Istria and Fiume:  Stamps of Italy and the Italian Social Republic were overprinted during 1945.
  • Allied Military Government:  During 1945, stamps of Italy were used, overprinted A.M.G. V.G.
  • Yugoslav Military Government:  From 1945 – 1946, stamps of Yugoslavia were inscribed and surcharged with various inscriptions.

Not much value was ever credited to these stamps.

Yugoslav Military Government


Stamps of Yugoslavia from 1945 and 1946 (Surcharged and overprinted VOJA UPRAVA JUGOSLAVENSKE ARMIJE)


SG # 105

Unused (NH)




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