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Hi Guys & Gals

Welcome back to the Family Richter Stamp Collection

Another 3 weeks have passed, and we have been really busy…

My Dad, Willy, has been scanning images of the stamps diligently & industriously.

My Mom, Melise, been real busy managing the household, and their social life, not to mention she has also been busy doing research and creation of articles related to Stamps & Stamp Collecting.  These are looking really good and I hope that these will bring you (our visitor) much value and enjoyment.

As I have been busy with the images, I can bring you up to speed.  I have been adding some obscure little countries like:  Ciskei, Transkei, Venda, and Bophuthatswana (located in Southern Africa, none of which still exist).


In the meantime, my Dad has also been busy with an Album full of mixed countries from around the 1950’s time period, so I am expecting to start seeing some really interesting and possibly rare stamps.

Whilst busy with the Southern African countries mentioned above, the cataloguing has been pretty simple as each stamp has the year of issue clearly indicated on the stamp.

However the current mixed country album, has most stamps without year of issue, and in some instances, languages and lettering unknown to us as a family.  This is yet another obstacle that we have encountered, which we are going to have to think through very carefully.

As usual, should you have any comments, please feel free to post below…


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