Album AA


Welcome to the next update on the progress of The Family Richter Stamp Collection.

Up to now, we have been sorting stamps which had been stuck into Albums.  Unfortunately, as beautiful as many of the stamps were, they were all hinged, and often stuck very close together.

Our next challenge was envelopes and boxes full of stamps from many countries and territories.  The one positive to come from these stamps, is that many are unstamped and unhinged.  Our whole way of working had to change.  The first thing to do was to sort the stamps roughly into countries.  Then, one country at a time, the stamps had to be sorted in a fashion that we could check whether we already had that stamp on the website or not.  That achieved, the stamps that were left in the envelope for that country, had to be placed in an album, scanned, catalogued, cropped and re-sized and finally uploaded onto the website.  Needless to say, despite all the checking, we often got to the final step of placing the stamp onto the website, only to discover that it was a duplicate.

Album AA is the first album sorted in this fashion. Although there are stamps from many different countries or territories, the only new territory we came across was Trieste.

As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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