Album K – Z


Welcome to the next Richter Family Stamp Collection Update.

Although we are far from finished sorting our stamps, we decided to start sorting out the 1st Day Covers as well.  Because the Covers present different challenges, we realised that they couldn’t all be done at once, so reserved Albums K – Z for this purpose.  To date, we have placed First Day Covers and other types of covers on the website from Album K – Album S. 

In these albums, you will find 1st Day Covers from:

Bophutatswana – 1st Day Covers

Ciskei – First Day Covers

Namibia – 1st Day Covers

South West Africa – 1st Day Covers

South Africa – 1st Day Covers

Ciskei – First Day Covers

Transkei – First Day Covers

Venda – First Day Covers

Netherlands – 1st Day Covers

We are still working on Albums T – Z.

Your thoughts and comments are always welcome.

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